Thana Farouq: “Art makes life meaningful”


A tall and elegant young woman wanders around the room covered with large photographs. The artist stops and observes one of the pictures placed on the yellow stonewall.

This picture symbolizes one of my best memories. It was the next day after the attack on the Boston marathon,” recalls the young woman. “People were hugging each other. It was nice and the scene could have happened anywhere. Humanity really transcends borders.

Thana Farouq is a 23 year-old Yemeni artist and photographer who recently returned to Yemen after studying in the U.S.   Her photo exhibit, Street life in the moment, is hosted by the Raufa Hassan gallery in Sana’a, and shows a series of her pictures taken in Boston, Morocco and in Yemen.

The young woman then sits in one of the gallery’s wicker armchairs, and shares her love for art explaining that it is a passion since her childhood.

I have always been passionate by colors and went to the few art exhibits happening in Yemen, even when I was 10 years old,” says Thana.

At the age of 16, Thana was granted a scholarship to finish high school in Canada. It was the first time she got the opportunity to study art. She began studying photography and later organized her first exhibit there.


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