Aden’s IDPs

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Aden, Yemen – End of May, a group of extremist militants – allegedly linked to Al-Qaeda – took over many cities in the province of Abyan, in south Yemen. Accused of letting the fighters move as they wanted, the regime then reacted with strength. The army took positions in the region while the air force, with the support of US drones, started to bomb relentlessly the area.

Forced to exile, many families found shelter in Aden, in schools. Hundreds of persons are thus squeezing in classrooms and living in really tough conditions. Despite the aid by NGOs and the support of the international community, thousands of IDPs are still without any assistance.

According to OCHA, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, more than 62,000 persons are already receiving food aid, even if according to the last statistics by the government, the number of IDPs is over 90,000.